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The eye think lab is run by Daniel C Richardson, Before coming to UCL, Daniel was an undergraduate at Magdalen College, Oxford, a graduate student at Cornell, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford, and an assistant professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He was fleetingly on the television as part of a BBC documentary, and received both Early Career and Team Teaching Provost's Teaching Awards from UCL. Download CV (pdf)
Pasted Graphic I am interested in social hierarchies and how they shape the human mind and behaviour. My main research interest is in examining how cultural values influence who rises to the top, and how culture-specific forms of social hierarchy affect interactions between leaders and followers. In a second line of research, I advance the understanding of social hierarchy as a smart tool that coordinates the allocation of attention, and show when and why people shift attention when interacting with higher or lower ranked others. To do this, I integrate evolutionary theory and state-of-the-art research methodology, including eye tracking and electroencephalography. (website / CV)

JorinaJorina von Zimmermann joined the department of Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences at the University College London in 2011. After having completed her MSc in Social Cognition, she joined the eyethink lab in 2013 as a graduate student. Her main research interests are collective behaviour, group dynamics and joint action. Questions guiding her research are for example: How does a group environment influence individual behaviour and perception? How well do groups when they have to coordinate, solve a problem, make a decision, or resolve a conflict? What are the characteristics of a ‘group mind’, if it exists?

MZ profile Mircea Zloteanu is a graduate student in the CPB. His research relates to nonverbal communication and deception detection. His focus is on uncovering the diagnostic value of the non-conscious nonverbal behaviours that people exhibit when communicating, especially when they are attempting to lie and/or mislead others. Areas of interest expand to the study of body postures, facial expression recognition, and emotion (Résumé).

Geoff Bird Birkbeck College
Herb H. Clark Stanford University
Jennifer Randall Crosby Williams College
Rick Dale University of Memphis
Arezou Cavanaugh University of California, Riverside
Merrit Hoover University of California, Santa Cruz
Natasha Kirkham Birkbeck College
Teenie Matlock University of California, Merced
Clare Press Reading university
Michael Ramscar Stanford University
Frances Rice, University College London
Michael Spivey University of California, Merced

Chris Street was a research assistant and graduate student in the eye think lab at UCL. Before joining the lab, he was an undergraduate at Dundee University where he worked in Ben Tatler's active vision lab. Chris is primarily focussed on understanding cognition and perception in social contexts. His PhD examined how people detect deception in others. Following a postdoc in Alan Kingstone's Barlab, Chris is now a faculty member at Huddersfield University where he runs the Conflict Lab